Sandras Jam

Sandra’ s Jams are all made from fruit grown on the farm or sourced locally with the exception of Seville Orange marmalade-

We cannot grow these oranges in the UK!

From Field to Farmhouse – literally. They are made in small batches with no artificial additives

Naturally made using sugar and lemon juice in fruit with little pectin.. Strawberry, Pear and Chocolate. Marmalade.
I believe this provide a better richer fruitier taste -a far superior jam to many mass produced cheaper varieties.
A JAM FOR ALL SEASONS! flavours are Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Gooseberry, Strawberry& Gooseberry,

Raspberry&Rhubarb, Blackberry &Apple, Damson, Plum,  Seville Orange marmalade,  New this year Raspberry and Redcurrant

I also make delicious Red currant Jelly
My jams are made in 220g jars and mini jars but larger quantities can be made. I do supply some 2kg tubs. Mini Jars make excellent wedding favours (inexpensive too)