Pick Your Own Fruit

Our Fruit iseason for 2017 is NOW  well underway  with hundreds of Kilos of starwberries  picked We are now in the last week or 2 - as of JULY 18th Still plenty of   Raspberries  black currants Red currants   and Black berries  We can pick for pre orders and some ready picked available on the counter

STRAWBERRIES varieties now picking are Judi belle   £4.50 KG for self pick 

Raspberries are now ripe  price £7.20 Kg  ready picked £9.30

Red currants are  abundant ! look like red jewels dripping from the stems ! L ots of Black currants  - the fruit with the most Vitamin C and they are £ 3.90 Kg ready picked £5 Kg

Our strawberries are  grown in the ground - no tables or poly tunnels! Enjoy the fresh air the birds singing and the pleasure of freshly picked fruit. Let nature feed your senses!

We think the fruit tastes better! And even small children can enjoy picking but we do ask to keep them under control and don't let them run and jump in the field  Stick to the straw paths .

Our PYO code is    PICK  WEIGH  PAY  EAT

There are still folk that think they can eat freely in the fields  - this is our produce and like any retailer we do not allow eating before you pay, If you woud like to taste please ask our staff on the fruit shed.   

We provide punnets for you to pick in various sizes or you can use a basket or a plastic tub with handles. But you can also bring your own containers We will weigh them before you pick.

English Strawberries are delicious and taste even better when you are have picked them yourself We have lots different varieties

We can pick for you and we have ready picked on our counter. If you want to place an order please ring Sandra  07971 403823     We have  lots groups order fruit or let us know if they require a large quantity.       Discounts are availabe for charity events.

Who can resist a bowl of freshly picked berries with a generous dollop of cream!

Please leave the hulls on - hulls are the green stems on top- They keep much better.

Fruit is available in this order starting early June - depends on sunshine and rain!   

Strawberries Gooseberries , Blackcurrants Raspberries Redcurrants, Blackberries